SLC and We

I could be a total hater on Utah, but it’s actually pretty rad.  Yesterday, we ventured into downtown Salt Lake City with an article in the latest BUST as our guide.

After checking out a few shops, we ventured towards Nobrow Coffee and resisted the temptation of the Intelligentsia they brew to try out their coconut lemonade.  While it sounded a little odd to me at first, the guy behind the counter convinced me to try it out — and I’m glad that he did.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to recreate back it at home.

After Nobrow, we hopped into our car and visited Vertical Diner for some vegan eats.  And while it wasn’t our beloved Pure Luck, it was a nice alternative.  Tasty fries, good main dishes and a decent selection of beers.  Next time we’re in town, we’re going to do our best to go back.

We had to meet Sarah’s sister’s family for dinner — so our exploration was cut a bit short — but we’re looking forward to checking more stuff out on our next trip.  Anyone have any suggestions for next time?